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How Dental Crowns Restored Damaged Teeth

Dental CrownDealing with a cracked or broken tooth? Getting a dental crown can help.

No matter whether you cracked a tooth while eating something crunchy or you just sustained a sports-related dental injury, it’s important that you turn to our Lakeville, MN, dentist Dr. Noah A. Rounds when any family dentistry issues arise. Luckily, we offer a full range of family dentistry services to be able to restore a tooth after an injury, infection, or decay. One way in which our dentist can strengthen a damaged tooth is by placing a dental crown.

Are you dealing with any of these problems?

  • A weak tooth
  • A tooth that has widespread decay
  • A tooth that is cracked or fractured
  • A severely discolored or misshapen tooth
  • A missing tooth

If you said “yes” then a dental crown may be the best way to improve the health of your smile. In most instances, a dental crown is used for restorative purposes; however, it can also improve the overall color, shape, and appearance of a tooth. Since a crown is placed over the entire visible portion of a tooth it will encapsulate the structure and protect it from further damage.

Crowns are often made from a durable tooth-colored material like porcelain, which can be matched to the shade of your smile so it looks just like the rest of your natural teeth. You won’t be able to tell the difference between a crown and a real tooth.

In order to get a dental crown, we will first need to prep the tooth. Since the crown fits over a tooth we will need to make room for the crown. To do this, our Lakeville, MN, general dentists will need to shave down the tooth. We will first apply a local anesthetic to the area prior to prepping the tooth. Once the area is numb and we have shaped the tooth, we will then take molds of your mouth, which will be sent to a dental lab so they can create your custom-fitted crowns.

Crowns are versatile, as they have the ability to protect and strengthen teeth, restore missing teeth, and even improve the aesthetics and appearance of a smile. So many people can benefit from what dental crowns have to offer.

If you are dealing with a damaged or weak tooth it’s important that you turn to the dental experts at Lake Marion Dental Care to find out what they can do to protect the health of your smile. Call our Lakeville, MN, dental office to schedule an appointment or ask questions about family dentistry today.

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