What Are Tooth Colored Fillings?
By Lake Marion Dental Care
May 04, 2018
Category: Dental Procedures

Silver amalgam fillings are no longer the only method used to restore teeth damaged by tooth decay. Noah A. Rounds, DDS fillings who practices family dentistry in Lakeville, MN, provide tooth-colored fillings to restore decayed teeth.

The world doesn't have to know about your dental work

Tooth-colored fillings are, unsurprisingly, the same color as your teeth. Composite resin, a soft, pliable material is added to teeth after the decayed portion has been removed. It's available in a variety of tints designed to resemble the most common tooth shades. Although composite resin is initially soft, it becomes just as strong as tooth enamel after just a few minutes under a dental curing light.

Tooth-colored fillings strengthen your teeth

When you have a tooth-colored filling, a smaller amount of healthy tooth structure is removed during the filling process, which ensures that your teeth remain strong. Your new tooth-colored filling doesn't just fill the opening in your tooth, but actually bonds to it, which also restores the strength of your tooth.

Temperature extremes don't affect tooth-colored fillings

The metals used in silver amalgam fillings react to temperatures by expanding and contracting. Over a period of years, constant expansion and contraction of the fillings can eventually crack teeth, resulting in the need for a dental crown. Composite resin doesn't change, even if exposed to very hot or cold temperatures.

Your filling won't discolor your tooth

Very large silver amalgam fillings may actually make your tooth look darker due to their color. That's not a problem when you choose a tooth-colored filling.

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