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By Lake Marion Dental Care
February 15, 2021
Category: Cosmetic Dentistry
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How dental services from your family dentist in Lakeville, MN can help your family’s smiles.

Family dentistry is just as convenient as it sounds! Imagine being able to go to just one dental office and see the same dentist for all of your family’s dental needs. The truth is, your family dentist can do it all.

Dr. Noah Rounds of Lake Marion Dental Care in Lakeville, MN offers a wide range of dental services for your entire family. This is just a small sample of the services he will provide:

For your small children; preventive dental care including exams, x-rays, professional cleanings, fluoride treatments, and home care are vital for your child to get a good start on a healthy smile for life.

For older children and teens; the same preventive services for small children, with the addition of dental sealants to protect against tooth decay. If your child has a cavity, no problem! Dr. Rounds can repair your child’s tooth with a tooth-colored filling.

For adults; preventive dental care services, which may include periodontal care, restorative services including fillings and crowns, and tooth replacement options including bridges, appliances, or dental implants.

Your family dentist can also provide specialty care including periodontal therapy, cosmetic dentistry services, root canal services, and other treatments, so you don’t have to go looking all over town to see a specialist.

When you have a family dentist, you and your family can look forward to being well taken care of. Your family dentist knows you, so if you or a family member has a dental emergency, your family dentist can provide emergency dental care right when you need it, even after-hours and on weekends.

You and your family deserve great dental care from a family dentist. To find out more about family dental services, call Dr. Noah Rounds of Lake Marion Dental Care in Lakeville, MN at (952) 985-8885. Call today.

By Lake Marion Dental Care
October 23, 2018
Category: Dental Procedures
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Family DentistryDiscover the many unique benefits you’ll enjoy when you choose a family dentistry office for care.

Life is hectic, especially if you have kids. There’s running them to school, after-school activities, sports and dates with friends. Couple that with having to schedule those important doctor’s visits for yourself and your children and you may feel like you never have time to just decompress; fortunately, the goal of our Lakeville, MN, family dentist Dr. Noah A. Rounds is to make scheduling your next dental visit for the family a whole lot easier.

Imagine a dentist that can provide you and your entire family in Lakeville, MN, with all the dental care and treatments you might need without having to go anywhere else. This is what turning to a family dentist can offer you. After all, our family dentists have undergone specialized training so that they can provide complete dental care to every member of your family, from your one-year-old to someone in their 90's (or even older!).

There is also nothing more important that feeling like you have a doctor by your side to turn to no matter whether you need a routine checkup or an emergency appointment. By turning to a family dentist, you’ll have a dentist for life who really gets to know you and can provide you with personalized one-on-one care whenever you need it most. It can feel very reassuring to know that our dental team is always available and ready to help.

Interested in getting braces for your little one? Want to find out if dental veneers can improve the look of your smile? No matter what you are looking for, our family dentists can meet the needs of every member of your family. It should come as no surprise that you will have different dental needs than your child or your parents and we have the ability to care for all of those unique needs without having to turn to another dentist.

Lake Marion Dental Care in Lakeville, MN, provides comprehensive, compassionate and individualized dentistry to every member of your family. So no matter whether you are 1 year old or 100, call us today to schedule an appointment or ask any family dentistry questions today.