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Do you offer dental crowns?

Lake Marion Dental Care customizes and places dental crowns in Lakeville, MN.

Crowns are a versatile restoration that can:

  • Repair a broken or cracked tooth 
  • Restore a decayed tooth
  • Stabilize an irregular bite 
  • Conceal a discolored or misshapen tooth 
  • Strengthen a weak tooth 
  • Anchor a dental bridge 
  • Complete a dental implant 

Dr. Noah Rounds can evaluate your smile and determine if a crown best suits your needs. 

High-Strength, Aesthetic Crowns 

We offer various options for crown materials, depending on a patient’s need and preference. Final crowns are made at a dental lab, but we make patients a temporary crown to wear until the final crown is ready.  

With the advancements in dental materials, we use tooth-colored ceramic for most of the crowns we create for patients. 

Zirconia is a very high-strength material used for crowns and is perhaps the most common. 

Lithium disilicate (EMAX) offers enhanced translucence, which we use for more aesthetic cases. 

We offer gold restorations per patient request.

There are also combinations of these we can tailor to each patient’s specific needs.  

Do You Need a Crown in Lakeville, MN? 

Crowns can solve several dental concerns and improve your smile’s health and appearance. 

If you are interested in learning more about our dental crowns, please don’t hesitate to give us a call today. We can also schedule your appointment for you at your earliest convenience. 

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